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May 11, 2022

RANE Releases Next Generation Risk Intelligence Brief Solution

RANE Releases Next Generation Risk Intelligence Brief Solution

Key investments improve utility of intelligence briefs to provide situational monitoring and insights for risk and security professionals

New York, NY – :  RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) today announced investments in its risk monitoring technology that significantly enhance RANE’s ability to create tailored information flows that drive more informed decision-making and enable clients to adapt and respond more quickly to potential exposures.

RANE Risk Briefs leverage a combination of machine learning and analyst curation to zero in on important developments and turn them into actionable intelligence. Information is drawn from a wide range of trusted sources and filtered by trained risk specialists. Results are delivered daily or weekly via email and on RANE’s Risk Intelligence platform, with tools that make the content easy to search and share with others.  

Drawing on RANE’s experience in producing thousands of Risk Briefs for clients, the new application advances how RANE ingests and filters large amounts of data and market news and then tailors the output to a client’s particular risk issues. New editorial tools enable RANE analysts to more efficiently screen for the most relevant and important items.

Risk Briefs are offered in three levels:

• Categorical briefs covering key risk topics such as cybersecurity, geopolitical risk, and financial crime;

• Issue-specific briefs, including Russia-Ukraine, COVID-19, and the business environment in China;

• Briefs tailored to clients’ specific needs such as monitoring threats to operational locations, key third parties, supply chain risk, and evolving global regulations.

“Today’s security and cyber risks have the potential to detrimentally impact our stadium operations and our fans, and Risk Briefs from RANE are an invaluable tool that keeps our group, our teams, and our stadium partners informed with reliable intelligence in an easy-to-digest format,” says Robert Gummer, Director of Intelligence Operations at the National Football League. “RANE has become one of our trusted partners for their ability to the deliver relevant, timely, high-quality intelligence that is critical in the age of information overload.”

Recent Risk Brief enhancements include:

• An optional “impact analysis” – a snapshot assessment of key developments and unique insights on what they mean for your company from the RANE analyst team;

• Access to RANE’s Risk Tracker to diagnose and monitor key systemic risks over time, use visualization tools to identify patterns, and map their potential impact on your business;

• Full integration with RANE’s Risk Intelligence Platform, providing content analysis, rich media programming, and links to other capabilities to deliver a unique experience for clients.

“Smart curation of market intelligence ensures our clients don’t miss anything important, resulting in better situational awareness on emerging issues and improving their ability to quickly respond to fast-moving events,” says RANE CEO Steve Roycroft. “Risk Briefs have increasingly become a mission critical tool for our clients, and these investments will go a long way towards supporting their risk mitigation efforts.”

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