Threat Intelligence

Strategic and tactical security intelligence for global organizations and security professionals

Forward-looking analysis to anticipate and monitor threats around the world

Verified incident reporting to safeguard mission-critical assets and ensure business continuity

Integrated solution with Geopolitical Intelligence for enhanced country-level analysis

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Objective security threat analysis covering the global landscape, with forecasts that help you anticipate where physical and cyber risks are likely to head.

Ongoing threat monitoring dashboard, allowing you to zero in on verified incidents in key areas with map-based navigation and geo-fencing capabilities. 

Direct access to global analysts with insights on implications for your business and knowledge to help mitigate the impact of security threats.

Seamless integration with Geopolitical Intelligence for access to forecasts, event-driven research, risk scores, and country risk outlooks.

Client insights

“The field of security has become central to how we manage business risk. RANE provides needed guidance, answers, and help, supporting us in evaluating risks in everything we do. Add them to your team –the payback will be immediate.”


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