Core Intelligence

Our foundational intelligence product covers four major categories of risk: Cyber, Security, Geopolitical, and Legal/Compliance

View risk through a unique, integrated lens

Broad situational awareness across multiple risk categories

Insights and monitoring that enable proactive risk management

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Unified search for access to all of RANE’s intelligence across geopolitical, safety + security, cyber, and legal + compliance risks.

Smart curation of verified risk news and OSINT for actionable intelligence and better situational awareness.

Events with practical insights on emerging risk issues and best practices for risk mitigation from top experts in their field.

Proactive risk monitoring that combines machine learning and human intelligence to stay ahead of key issues as they evolve.

Data analytics to efficiently assess risks, with global country risk ratings to help organizations make more informed decisions.

Mobile app for on-the-go access to our daily and weekly Intelligence Briefs.

Client insights

“RANE was able to help cut through the noise and hone in on the issues we really care about. With RANE extracting and identifying the most important items on an ongoing basis, I feel more informed and better prepared.”


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