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As global exposures have dramatically increased in intensity and scale, it has become difficult for organizations to effectively manage risks. Information overload leads to inefficiencies on market intelligence, and organizations often have gaps on resources, leaving them unprepared for emerging threats.

RANE’s platform helps organizations identify, manage, and mitigate operational risks, with network insights that ensure business continuity and resiliency. We provide tools to harness the value of OSINT, analysis to provide context, forecasts to provide direction, and assessments to enable specific action.

A unique, network-based approach to risk management that drives results

We view risk through an integrated lens

RANE’s solutions cover a range of enterprise risks and assess what the intersections of those risks mean for our clients.

Our lens is strategic and forward-looking

Not just an analysis of what is happening now but where we expect things to head and the implications for your business.

We help you take steps to efficiently respond to risks and mitigate their impact.

The results for clients are better situational awareness, improved decision making, and a more proactive approach to risk management.

Client insights

“The support we havereceived from RANE has helped us to think strategically about the threats weface and to stay in front of these challenges instead of reacting to them inthe rear-view mirror. RANE has been a true thought partner, providing ongoingpractical advice and approaches to mitigating risk.”