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Aug 1, 2024 9:00 AM

Briefing Session: The Outlook for the Sahel: Insurgencies and the Potential Spread of Terrorism

The Sahel - a semi-arid strip of land located to the south of the Sahara desert - has witnessed a rapid expansion of local al Qaeda and Islamic States affiliates in recent years following the departure of French forces from the region.

Sahelian countries now face a rapidly worsening security crisis despite their strengthening of defense cooperation with Moscow, and this areas will likely remain volatile with high levels of violence through the end of 2024.

The crisis threatens to make the Sahel a leading epicenter of international terrorism – as well as destabilize coastal West African states, with additional implications for the European continent.

Join us as our analysts discuss the security crisis in the region and the implications for global businesses.

Rodger Baker
Executive Director of the Stratfor Center for Applied Geopolitics at RANE
Hellen Muzungu
Global Security Analyst at RANE
Remi Dodd
Geopolitical Analyst at RANE
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