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Jun 20, 2024 12:00 PM

Protecting Your Board and C-Suite from Increasing Domestic Security Risks

Doxxing has increasingly become a preferred method for harassment and intimidation of corporate executives and other high net worth individuals, in part due to a greater availability online of personally identifiable information (PII). In particular, domestic violent extremists are leveraging this tactic to target both private and public sector leaders in the United States, which in turn leads to a heightened risk of physical security risks.

Various open-source intelligence tools have enabled threat actors to carry out this process with increasing ease as they are able to find these individuals' physical locations, personal residences, travel plans, and other PII which could be used against them with relatively little effort. Not only can threat actors access publicly accessible information such as property records, but they can also take advantage of a growing number of tracking sites and social media accounts, such as those which track corporate jets and personal yachts, to discern an individual's whereabouts.

Join RANE and our panel of experts as we discuss the implications of digital privacy for businesses as well as emerging best practices for protecting corporate brands.

Hayley Benedict
Cyber Intelligence Analyst at RANE
Adam Jackson
Founder and CEO at 360 Privacy
Greg Radner
Chief Marketing Officer
Dominique Shelton Leipzig
Partner, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, Mayer Brown
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