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Dec 7, 2022 9:00 AM

Briefing Session: The Outlook for Hong Kong's Autonomy

Since the Hong Kong authorities cracked down on the protests of 2019-2020 and used the National Security Law to imprison political dissenters, Hong Kong has been under a new, stricter governance regime that increasingly resembles mainlandChina’s. New Chief Executive John Lee looks set to perpetuate this more authoritarian and securitized model of governance since coming into office inJuly 2022. Questions remain as to how the government will expand the NationalSecurity Law, when the territory’s COVID-19 controls will end and its economy recover, whether Hong Kong will lose its status as a global financial hub, and whether rule of law will survive under a politicized judiciary.


Join the discussion as our expertpanel addresses these and other questions and the implications for companieswith interests in the region.

Rodger Baker
Senior VP of Strategic Analysis
Chase Blazek
Asia-Pacific Analyst, RANE
Dr. Markus Jaeger
Global Economist, RANE


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