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Feb 9, 2023 12:00 PM

Briefing Session: Building Resiliency: Exploring Alternatives to China for Your Business Operations

Strict governance regimes in Hong Kong and mainland China are increasingly having an impact on companies with interests in the region. With the current environment around US-China and EU-China relations and the forecast for geopolitical, economic, and security risks, companies are looking at alternatives for manufacturing, supply chain, and business operations.

Some are exploring a relocation to places like Vietnam, Indonesia, and other SE Asia countries. These countries, however, have their own business risks that companies need to consider, including infrastructure issues, financial stability, protectionist policies, social evolution, and trade restrictions, among others. And there may be some compelling advantages that China has that may be hard to walk away from.

Join our panel as they discuss the risks and opportunities in the broader APAC business operating environment and offer their perspectives on some of the likely candidates that companies are evaluating.

Rodger Baker
Senior VP of Strategic Analysis
Chase Blazek
Asia-Pacific Analyst, RANE
Dr. Markus Jaeger
Global Economist, RANE
Nate Fischler
Asia-Pacific Analyst at RANE


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