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Risk Briefs are customized digests that combine machine learning and trained analysts to zero in on specific risks, with insights from RANE subject matter experts. Risk Briefs help risk professionals stay in front of relevant issues, improving their ability to identify, mitigate, and manage issues in real time.

Save time and effort with a more efficient process for information screening

  • Zero in on issues most relevant to you and your company

  • Enable your team to focus on taking a more proactive approach to risk preparation

  • Tap into the deep knowledge of RANE’s subject matter experts for support when needed

“RANE was able to curate the information we cared about most. With RANE extracting and identifying the most important items on an ongoing basis, my team feels much more informed.”

Jimmy WestlakeCorporate Compliance Manager, Square

Risk Briefs in Action

Financial Crime Brief

Global coverage of major developments across a range of white collar crime. Insights from RANE Network experts and tracking of anti-bribery, anticorruption, fraud, AML, counter-terrorist financing, and sanctions developments, as well as regulatory and enforcement actions.

Cyber Brief

Cyber-related news and trends with the latest threat intelligence on emerging risks. Coverage of cyber threats, ransomware attacks, critical infrastructure, malware vulnerabilities, and data breaches as well as legal and regulatory issues at the national and regional level.


Daily Coronavirus Brief

Global coverage of latest medical, legal, regulatory, and compliance news. Monitoring of key developments in geographic locations of interest to company’s operations, including China, Europe, and the Americas.

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