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March 14, 2023

RANE Launches New Cyber Intelligence Solution

RANE Launches New Cyber Intelligence Solution

Unique, strategic cyber intelligence provides value across operating teams

New York, NY:  RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) today announced the launch of its Cyber Intelligence product, a cost-effective solution for global professionals that provides contextual value and actionable intelligence to manage risk across operating teams.

As the frequency and diversity of cyberattacks continues to increase, companies of all sizes across all sectors are realizing that cyber is an integrated business risk. Each functional area needs to have a basic understanding of the cyber landscape, how the threats impact their area of the business, and their role in ensuring operational resilience.

RANE’s Cyber Intelligence delivers for businesses by applying a unique strategic lens to cybersecurity information:

  • Smart curation of critical cyber news and open-source information from trusted outlets for improved situational awareness across key cyber risk categories
  • Proprietary analysis from cyber analysts and network experts with a forward-looking outlook on the risks associated with emerging threats
  • Insight into the intersection of cybersecurity and other related risk categories – geopolitical, security, and compliance – for improved understanding and better response preparation
  • Time series analytics and interactive visualizations that tell the story behind the data, with commentary from cyber analysts that explain the implications for businesses

“Cybersecurity has become an overall business risk and investing in cyber intelligence is no longer optional,” says RANE CEO Steve Roycroft. “RANE’s new solution provides the strategic cyber intelligence companies need to drive better decision making and improve business resilience and continuity across their operations.”

To learn more about RANE’s Cyber Intelligence solution and sign up for a demonstration, visit: