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Unique, strategic cyber intelligence to manage risk across operating teams

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As the frequency and diversity of cyberattacks continues to increase, companies are realizing that cyber is an integrated business risk. Each functional area needs to have a basic understanding of the cyber landscape, how the threats impact their business area, and their role in ensuring cyber resilience.

RANE provides the strategic cyber intelligence that companies need to drive better decision making and improve business resilience and continuity across the company.

RANE’s Cyber Intelligence delivers for businesses by applying a unique strategic lens to cybersecurity information:

Gain improved situation awareness from open-source intelligence

  • Daily cyber intelligence brief that includes the latest cyber stories from trusted sources, a selection of important cyber analysis, and access to relevant podcasts and webinars
  • Coverage across the key cyber categories, including threat activity, vulnerabilities, insider risk + IP theft, and legal/regulatory issues

Tap into experienced in-house cyber analysts

  • In-depth analysis of cyber risk trends and evolving regulations, with optional deep dive sector- and company-specific risk assessments
  • Insight into the intersection of cybersecurity and other risk categories, including geopolitical, security, and compliance
  • Forward-looking outlook highlighting the risks and opportunities of top emerging threats, including the Passwordless Future, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing

Let the data tell the story through interactive visualizations

  • Visualizations of critical data sets, including ransomware attacks and trends, insurance data on cyber incidents by industry and company size, and FBI data on victims per state and reported incidents
  • Interactive charts allow users to engage with the data, modify the charts, and download them into reports, with commentary from cyber analysts that explain the implications for businesses

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