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The Stratfor Center for Applied Geopolitics is a global center of excellence for geopolitical intelligence and analysis.

Geopolitical risk has emerged as a critical driver of risk and security for corporations and is shaping the global business environment. The practice of applied geopolitics provides a multidisciplinary framework for putting these global events in context, forecasting strategic trends, and making them relevant and actionable for organizations. 

Building on over a quarter century of Stratfor’s application of geopolitical intelligence to the corporate, national security, and educational sectors, the Center seeks to identify, develop, and strengthen best practices in geopolitical analysis and provide tools, methods, and training to organizations and individuals as they integrate geopolitical risk and opportunity into their business practices. 

The Center focuses on three major initiatives:

1. Training, Education, and Certification

The advanced methodologies and rigorous analytics that Stratfor developed and applied to geopolitics are available to participants in our training and certification program. The methodologies covered include qualitative and quantitative methods, scenario development and strategic forecasting, and visualization of geopolitical intelligence.

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2. Knowledge-Sharing Events

The Center facilitates global dialogue on significant geopolitical issues and topics by bringing together diverse expertise to address common challenges through podcasts, webinars, seminars, speaking engagements, and participation in international conferences and events.

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3. Geopolitical Thought Leadership

The Center enhances the understanding of geopolitics through publications, reports, and unique visuals covering international issues, geopolitical trends, and the relevance of geopolitical intelligence for decision-makers. Our thought leadership is focused on advancing the application of geopolitics to the international and business community

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Rodger Baker, Executive Director, Stratfor Center for Applied Geopolitics

Rodger Baker has spent more than two decades with Stratfor/RANE, where he’s focused on the Indo-Pacific region, with special attention to China and the Korean Peninsula. He addresses the strategic dynamics of an evolving world system -- looking at great power competition, the role of middle powers, and the impacts of technological, environmental, and demographic changes on geopolitical relationships. His core emphasis is the multidisciplinary approach to geopolitics and the evolution of international relations to develop mid- and long-term forecasts to assist companies, governments, and other globally engaged organizations make informed decisions.

Rodger is a Senior Fellow at the George H. W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations, a Steering Fellow for the Mackinder Forum, and teaches a certificate program in Geopolitical Analysis at Florida Atlantic University. 

Latest Thinking

Nuclear Deterrence After Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

The most significant emerging challenge is the trilateral nuclear dynamic driven by China's expanding nuclear arsenal and evolving nuclear doctrine.

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China's Opportunity to Break Into Arctic Governance

The suspension of Arctic Council activities following Russia's re-invasion of Ukraine presents an opening for China to challenge Arctic governance.

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Applied Geopolitics: 
Musings on Autocracies, Democracies and Resilience

In this podcast, learn about geopolitical events that range from Russia to Ukraine to European energy to the future of China.

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In the Solomon Islands, China Seeks to Normalize Its Security Presence

China's new security deal with the island nation is the latest in a series of moves by Beijing to normalize its military's expanding international role.

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The Russia-Ukraine War & Ideological Frameworks: Democracy Vs. Autocracy

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is frequently characterized as part of a broader struggle between democracy and autocracy.

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NATO Tensions Reinforce and Complicate Russia's Arctic Ambitions

The West's response to the Ukraine invasion will further compel Russia to secure its vast Arctic region, which holds much of the country's resource wealth.

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Briefing Session: The Outlook for Hong Kong's Autonomy

Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Time: 9:00am EST / 2:00pm BST
Location: Live Virtual

Since the Hong Kong authorities cracked down on the protests of 2019-2020 and used the National Security Law to imprison political dissenters, Hong Kong has been under a new, stricter governance regime that increasingly resembles mainland China’s. New Chief Executive John Lee looks set to perpetuate this more authoritarian and securitized model of governance since coming into office in July 2022. Questions remain as to how the government will expand the National Security Law, when the territory’s COVID-19 controls will end and its economy recover, whether Hong Kong will lose its status as a global financial hub, and whether rule of law will survive under a politicized judiciary.Join the discussion as our expert panel addresses these and other questions and the implications for companies with interests in the region.

Rodger Baker, Executive Director of the Stratfor Center for Applied Geopolitics, RANE
Chase Blazek, Asia-Pacific Analyst, RANE
Dr. Markus Jaeger, Global Economist, RANE

Special Briefing Session Replay:

The Outlook for the Global Energy Market
If you are interested in having Rodger Baker or one of our in-house geopolitical analysts speak at your event, please contact us.

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