Business Continuity Solutions

Cost-effectively improve your organization’s resilience with strategic intelligence

  • Anticipate, monitor, and respond to threats to people, assets, and interests around the world
  • Meet your duty to care obligations and address rising employee safety expectations
  • Actionable insights that drive better decision making and improve business resilience across the company
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Identifying and mitigating threats to executives, employees, and business locations is mission-critical for organizations looking to ensure the safety and security of your personnel, meet your firm’s duty to care obligations, and provide business continuity and resiliency.

RANE can help you meet these challenges, with valuable insights and proven expertise:

Safeguard global assets

  • Stay more informed with risk intelligence on emerging threats to ensure safety and security of employees and business locations.

  • Understand how geopolitical events impact the security environment in a country/region impact your organization.

  • Assess travel security issues and decide if travel should be postponed or to propose alternatives.

Broaden your risk lens

  • Take a more holistic view of risk across categories, including cybersecurity, physical safety + security, legal + compliance, and geopolitical risk.

  • Understand your organization’s exposure to the intersection/overlap of physical security and cybersecurity.

Increased bandwidth

  • Augment your team by providing them with research, analysis, and project support for both short and long-term risks.

Relevant Products + Services

  • Cyber Intelligence, Assessment, Training
  • Intelligence Briefs
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Crisis Management
  • Executive Protection
  • Travel Security
  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • Third Party Vendor Screening
  • Incident Response Plan + Tabletop Exercises
  • Infectious disease, mental health
  • Hiring practices and background screenings