Threat Intelligence

Strategic and Tactical Intelligence for Global Organizations

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Identifying and mitigating threats to employees and business locations is mission-critical for organizations looking to ensure the safety of personnel, meet duty to care obligations, and provide business continuity.

RANE’s Threat Intelligence for Security Professionals can help you meet these challenges by enabling you to better prepare for and respond to a full range of security risks. Threat Intelligence provides security professionals the intelligence to anticipate, monitor, and mitigate risks to people, assets, and interests around the world.

Intelligent Integration

Strategic and tactical intelligence in
one product.

  • Threat Intelligence combines our security and geopolitical analysis into a single intelligence product. One login gives you access to forecasts, event-driven research, risk scores, and country risk outlooks on a global basis.
  • User-specific preference settings that enable push communications across the security or geopolitical risks that are of interest to you.
  • Access to in-house analysts for briefing session on how events are projected to move and what your organization can do to protect itself.

Intelligent Navigation

Streamlined, fully user-driven experience to easily zero in on what matters to you.

  • Visual, map-based navigation by country, region, or risk/threat category. Easily add your locations directly onto the map to monitor the local threat environment.
  • Risk coverage addresses criminal activity; cyber + information threats; environmental, health, + infrastructure hazards; political instability + social unrest; organizational threats; and insurgency + terrorism.
  • Detailed, geospatial analysis allows you to see where any incident occurred in the world (city- and street-level views), and to understand the context in which the event happened. Dynamic geofencing capability for customized security-event assessments.

Intelligent Discovery

Advanced filtering tools allow for efficient discovery of current and historical analysis

  • Explore our 25-year intelligence repository through searches by country, region, theme, and/or interests; set and adjust preferences as global events warrant.
  • Custom filters provide quick access to relevant insights—save a search and easily add it as an interest group to receive notifications on content matches.
  • Monitor events over time through relevant insights or by connecting directly with our team of in-house security specialists.
  • Assess the volume of security incidents overtime with trending data and understand the current and historical threat level in locations you have operations or people.

Intelligent Forecasting

Forward-looking, enterprise-level analysis tools enhance ability to understand what happens next

  • Gain proactive perspectives on future threats and identify emerging changes to the security landscape with our quarterly and annual global threat forecasts.
  • Understand leading and lagging indicators of risk across the globe with a 12-month outlook for country risk along with the ability to compare multiple country risk profiles against one another—for both security and geopolitical risks.
  • Integration of our market-leading GlobalComposite Risk Index, providing five-year baseline scores of country-level risk for192 countries across 16 risk categories.

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