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Our flagship Risk Intelligence product provides members with access to the insights and analysis they need to make more informed decisions and drive better risk management outcomes.

Using RANE’s Risk Intelligence, members tap into the collective wisdom of the RANE Community for intelligence across four major categories of risk: Cybersecurity, Physical Safety + Security, Geopolitical, and Legal/Compliance, with features that significantly improve the workflow for how risk professionals access, monitor, and respond to evolving and complex threats.

Smart Curation of Critical Risk News & Market Information

  • Actionable insights and best practices from the collective wisdom of our community, curated into digests, interviews, surveys, threat advisories, checklists, and event summaries.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly network intelligence to benchmark yourprograms, monitor relevant threats, and take a more proactive approach to riskmitigation.
  • Community Insights that include most read features, trending content across all RANE products, Opinion Poll results with peer insights on shared risks, and more.

Knowledge-Sharing Events Featuring Experts from Our Network

  • Peer and expert collaboration through exclusive summits, briefing sessions, webinars, and podcasts.
  • Practical perspectives on emerging risk issues from top experts in their fields sharing insights, best practices, and actionable strategies.

Ongoing Risk Monitoring to Stay Ahead of Key Issues

  • Risk Briefs leverage machine learning technology and trained analyst curation to turn large amounts of information on your specific risks into actionable intelligence. Briefssave time and effort with a more efficient process for informationscreening that enables teams to focus on higher level tasks and drive action tomitigate risk.

  • Diagnose and monitor systemic risks with the new Risk Tracker, including proprietary analysis of the risks associated with COVID-19, CyberCrime, Data Privacy, Financial Crime, ESG-Social, U.S./China Relations, and theFuture of Hong Kong. Efficiently assess a particular risk, monitor its trend line and key events over time, and map its potential impact on your business.

Risk Screening and Visualization Tools to efficiently screen and analyze emerging risks

“The field of security has become central to how we manage business risk. RANE provides needed guidance, answers, and help, supporting us in evaluating risks in everything we do. Add them to your team –the payback will be immediate.”


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