Business Intelligence Services

Unique guidance on risk mitigation with end-to-end due diligence, assessments, and advisory support.

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RANE’s business intelligence group provides strategic counsel, practical advice, and cost-efficient approaches to mitigating risk.

Augment your existing resources

  • In-house subject matter experts provide consultative support for complex diligence, security, investigative, compliance, or crisis response matters.

  • Frame and scope client-specific projects and provide technical, operational, and strategic support.

  • Manage engagements with network experts and steward risk mitigation projects from start to finish.

Due Diligence

Deliver a range of defined programs across the full diligence life cycle.

  • Reputational risk research

  • Transactional due diligence (M&A, IPO)

  • LP/investor screening and vetting

  • Pre-employment and strategic hire diligence

  • Ongoing entity monitoring

  • Integrated geopolitical risk research

  • Compliance-related diligence (KYC, FCPA)

  • Third party screenings and background checks

  • Support for internal investigations and monitorships

Assessments + Training

Help identify risks, determine specific needs, and assist with executing solutions.

  • Physical security and safety assessments

  • Travel safety and executive protection

  • Event security and business continuity planning

  • Cybersecurity assessments and investigations

  • Cyber breach response and simulations

  • Crisis and emergency communications

  • Compliance program development, execution, and training

Briefing Sessions

Focused discussions on key topics of critical importance to your organization that leverage both internal subject matter experts and external experts from the RANE Network.

  • Pandemic response

  • Country-specific operational risks

  • Creating a crisis management program

  • Impact of regulatory changes

  • Custom briefing sessions based on client needs

"RANE enhanced the team’s ability to identify and communicate emerging risks to senior management while also providing a bench of deep expertise for optionality and support of mitigation strategies.”

Client Senior Analyst

Case Study: Transactional Diligence


Private equity firm requested research on three medical practices and key management personnel to identify potential commercial and reputational red flags for a potential buy out and roll up.


RANE coordinated research of individual professional histories, pending litigation, and corporate affiliations, including a wide range of legal, regulatory, industry, and news databases, social media and public filings, and inquiries with experts in the medical, law enforcement, and business communities.


The cumulative record of pending litigation, adverse media coverage, and unresolved questions around professional histories and corporate affiliations exceeded the firm’s risk appetite, and they decided to back away from the deal, avoiding potential future legal and reputational risks.

Case Study: Cyber Audit & Investigation


Cyber investigation and background due diligence for a public company related to termination of senior IT employee with access to internal systems, proprietary information, and devices of key personnel.


RANE sourced expert firm specializing in incident response, digital forensics, and cyber security. Coordinated on-site audits, forensic analysis, and interviews as well as research to determine liquidity, pending litigation, and other red flags.


RANE compiled recommendations for mitigating human capital risk, assessment of the firm’s overall network security, and methods for proactively monitoring for data leaks.

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