In the News
August 21, 2020

When News Happens, RANE Analysts Provide Context and Clarity

On the biggest news stories this month, RANE analysts were the first call for many media outlets. In August, major news stories cam fast and furious: from the massive explosion in Beirut to a deal between the United Arab Emirates with Israel, to the TikTok app and more.

Emily Hawthorne, a Middle East and North Africa analyst, made several media appearances on both the Beirut explosion and the UAE/Israel deal.Most recently, she offered guidance on the U.S. relationship with Iran, after the 2020 presidential election.

Appearing on CNBC’s Capital Connection, she said that U.S. goals with Iran will likely will stay the same, no matter the election outcome. However, negotiation tactics and use of sanctions may change under a Biden administration. You can read her comments here.

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