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January 28, 2022

The 10 Commandments of Security and Crisis Response

A threat to your business might come from anywhere. It might come from within - whether from people on staff or a weak cyber defense. It might come from a poorly secured office complex. It come from an active shooter, or it could be a medical issue. Or the threat might be prompted by civil or political unrest in a region your business is located. How you prepare and manage possible threats is key to your organization’s resiliency.

In our podcast series on On Security
with RANE’s executive director of safety and security, Brian Lynch, we’ve gone deep into each of those topics and so many more. Brian is a recognized leader in the security, safety, risk, and crisis management space.

Lynch says, “RANE’s mission comes to us from our clients, who rely on RANE to fulfill their security, safety, risk, and crisis needs. RANE has in-house expertise, as well as our trusted expert network firms. I liken RANE’s philosophy to the concept of the FBI's joint terrorism task force, wherein mission and objectives can be solved by several different agencies under one leadership model, all acting in unison.

In a recent knowledge-sharing podcast, Lynch spoke to RANE network expert, Rod Koyne, Managing Director of Opcentrics; a U.S.-based firm specializing in security, operations, protection, intelligence, risk assessment, event management, and training programs. 

“You have had several really interesting guests that have covered the cyber side of risk and several aspects of that thus far,” Koyne said. “We sort of fit in that side where it's a few multiple lanes that all apply in one way or another, sort of depending on the size of the company and to a certain degree, the type of work they do and how risk may visit them in one degree or another.”

Koyne is an experienced security practitioner with over thirty years of real-world application of expertise developed and honed in the U.S. Military, Other Government Agencies, and the Private Sector. He has coordinated and managed large-scale executive protection details conducted personnel evacuations, and performed numerous comprehensive security assessments, many of which were in hostile or high-risk environments. 

Lynch asked Koyne about his 10 commandments for security. 

Several of those commandments deal with crisis management. In short, Koyne says, “The questions we ask [of any company we advise] come from the mindset of ‘how do we deter it, different ways that we can defend against it. And then we focus on recovery.’”

One tip Koyne shared about preparing a plan for crisis response, “surround yourself with others in similar businesses or similar experiences and regularly war game in this so you're always keeping your intelligence and your mindset, and ultimately back to that red book policy, fresh and updated.”

You can listen to the podcast and get a deeper look at Opcentrics’s mission and service along with expert insights on security here.

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