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June 10, 2019

RANE’S Risk Management Community Passes 10,000 Members Jun 10, 2019

Global network of risk professionals and experts drives better risk management outcomes

New York, June 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) announced today that RANE’s risk management community now exceeds 10,000 members. Utilizing a network-based approach to risk management, RANE has built a community of risk and security professionals combined with a global network of vetted and credentialed risk experts and service providers.

The “sell” side of this community is comprised of thousands of professionals from the world’s top risk management firms, specialized independent practices, and select software/product companies, with coverage across fourmajor risk categories: Safety + Security, Cybersecurity, Legal + Compliance, and Geopolitical.

This global network of leading risk experts and service providers provides RANE members with access to world-class, pre-screened resources that complement and significantly extend their own professional networks, while providing opportunities for participating experts to promote their expertise and engage with RANE clients.

“RANE works hard to match clients with the right company to meet their cybersecurity needs,” said Lonny Anderson, Executive Vice President of Domain5. “We’re honored to be a part of RANE’s network of cybersecurity experts because we share the same vision for our clients – trust, integrity, and diligence.”

The “buy” side of this community includes C-suite and enterprise risk and security professionals at leading global companies across financial, legal, and diversified corporate industries, including threeof the top five global asset managers, five of the top 10 private equity firms, and corporations ranging from Fortune 50 industrials to prominent tech startups.

RANE provides members with actionable risk intelligence drawn from the collective wisdom of the community by curating existing publications and creating original content on topics of interest.In addition, RANE holds exclusive virtual and in-person events featuring experts from the RANE network who share a range of perspectives and best practices for addressing emerging threats.

“A network-based approach to risk management provides significant informational and economic advantages to all members,” said Steve Roycroft, CEO of RANE. “Interaction between both sides of the community creates a network effect of shared learnings, and as the network gets smarter, each member becomes better equipped to manage and mitigate risk.”

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About RANE
RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) is a network-based risk information services company. We connect risk and security professionals to critical insights and expertise, enabling them to more efficiently address their most pressing challenges and drive better risk management outcomes. RANE members receive exclusive access to a global marketplace of credentialed risk experts and service providers, proprietary community-driven risk intelligence, and a range of support services and risk management programs. Sign up for free at


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