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January 16, 2024

RANE Unveils Next Generation Core Intelligence Product

Unique, integrated lens across risk categories and on-the-go access via Mobile App enables improved situational awareness

New York, NY:  – RANE today announced significant upgrades to its risk intelligence platform for enterprises. Designed to assist organizations in identifying, managing, and mitigating operational risks, RANE's Core Intelligence product provides comprehensive and integrated situational awareness across Cyber, Security, Geopolitical, and Legal/Compliance risk categories, enabling organizations to:

  • Stay ahead of emerging risks with smart curation of verified risk news and OSINT
  • Gain practical insights on emerging risks and mitigation strategies from top experts
  • Leverage AI-enhanced human intelligence for ongoing risk monitoring
  • Utilize advanced analytics to assess risks and make informed decisions

Highlights of the enhanced Core Intelligence product include:

Advanced analytical tools that enable more proactive risk management
Analytical tools efficiently assess risks and the relationships between topics and geographies highlighting the intersecting risks that organizations need to address.

  • A new relationship map leverages RANE’s proprietary taxonomy for visualizing connected risks.
  • Enhanced risk category landing pages for viewing of covered topics and incident types.

On-the-go access to risk monitoring through a new Mobile App
The mobile app simplifies monitoring of global risk developments and harnessing of open-source information

  • Intelligence Briefs combine machine learning and human intelligence for smart curation of verified risk news and OSINT to stay ahead of key issues as they evolve.
  • Remote access to the daily RiskBook and weekly geopolitical, financial crime, cyber, regional briefs, and client-specific configurations.

Access to RANE’s complete analysis archive through a Unified Search Tool
Core Intelligence provides single portal access to RANE’s full analysis archive, enabling clients to harness the full spectrum of our trusted intelligence across all four risk categories.

  • Access RANE’s curated open-source intelligence, proprietary analysis, forecasts, and events through one search box.
  • Keyword search with drill-down capabilities by geography and topic, and interactive graphics for exploring results based on the amount of content and top countries.

“RANE’s Core Intelligence product addresses information overload and fragmentation in the risk market today,” says RANE Chief Executive Officer, Steve Roycroft. “Core Intelligence simplifies the way risk and security professionals monitor and research global risk developments, offering a unique, integrated lens to better prepare organizations for a range of emerging threats.”

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About RANE

RANE is a global risk intelligence company that provides risk and security professionals with critical insights and analysis to better anticipate, monitor, and respond to emerging threats. For more information about RANE, visit


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