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January 3, 2023

RANE Releases Annual Geopolitical Forecast for 2023

RANE Releases Annual Geopolitical Forecast for 2023

Key geopolitical drivers include China's military coercion, unrest across Europe and parts of Latin America, and the global impacts of another year of war in Ukraine

New York, NY – The geopolitical experts at RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) say fallout from the decline of the Western-led geopolitical order, technological shifts, and ongoing conflicts will bring new levels of uncertainty and tension to relations among industrialized nations and their partners in 2023. That’s one of several conclusions in RANE’s Annual Geopolitical Forecast, identifying the core trends and constraints that will shape global developments in the coming year.

“Geopolitical risk is front and center among corporations and their boards as threats to global businesses continue to rise,” says RANE CEO Steve Roycroft. “Our analysts have identified several factors set to converge in 2023with profound implications for business, and our forecast provides actionable intelligence to help navigate this increasingly complex operating environment.”

Among the major trends for 2023:

●     The progressive decline of the Western-led global order will further degrade global institutions and increase diplomatic tensions between countries.

●     Increasing Western pressure on Kyiv to offer concessions to Moscow to establish a viable exit from the conflict in Ukraine.

●     The global fallout of a choppy economic recovery in China.

●     Failed U.S.-Iran nuclear talks will trigger the United States to expand its presence in the Middle East while pushing Israel to escalate its covert war against Iran.

Other events RANE notes for global risk in 2023 include stricter Western regulations for decentralized finance platforms and cryptocurrency; humanitarian emergencies and labor crises in countries across sub-Saharan Africa; Uruguay’s free trade negotiations with China; and the Afghan Taliban’s inability to counter violent extremist groups.

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