Risk Insights
May 2, 2023

RANE Cyber Pulse Survey Shows Mixed Results for Company Preparedness

In March-April 2023, RANE surveyed 30 senior professionals across a range of industries in order to understand their views on the cyber threat landscape, and their capability to assess, track, and address any emerging threats.

The findings from the survey suggest that although some organizations are aware of the risk cyber incidents pose to their businesses, some gaps remain in overall cybersecurity risk management policies, procedures, and processes that continue to expose certain organizations to cyber risk. 

Key Takeaways

- The results suggest that companies are doing well in implementing multi-factor authentication measures, following relevant cyber regulations, and having a relatively strong grasp on AI concepts:

  • Almost 80% have safeguards around using MFA
  • Two-thirds of organizations are aware of federal and state regulatory requirements surrounding the use of biometric data for corporate purposes
  • Over half of respondents are moderately or very familiar with artificial intelligence

- The findings also highlight potential risks for companies around the use of biometric data, password managers, and AI and quantum computing in cybersecurity: 

  • Two-thirds of organizations are not using any kind of biometric data for logins
  • Only one-third of organizations are transitioning employees to passwordless logins and close to half are not using password managers or passkeys
  • Less than 30% are moderately or very familiar with quantum computing 
  • Three-quarters of respondents are not using AI at all in their cybersecurity practices and 70% do not have any kind of oversight regarding the ethical uses of artificial intelligence for corporate purposes

- Areas where companies have failed to implement emerging technology in an effective way represent opportunities. Lack of familiarity or knowledge of the technology can be overcome with more research. Discussion around these topics should focus on the practical aspects of how companies can safely integrate emerging technology tools into their day-to-day cybersecurity operations to bolster their cyber practices.

Click here to download the detailed results report.