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March 15, 2019

Heard Around Town: Industry Event – Supply Chain Risks & Rewards in Emerging Markets

Event: Supply Chain Risks & Rewards in Emerging Markets
Host: Baker McKenzie
20 March 2019

This event focused on new issues in supply chain risk management and the use of technology to mitigate these risks. Speakers emphasized that it is critical that a company has a detailed understanding of its supply chain and the Third-Parties within it.

  • There is a trend in companies wanting their Third-Party Suppliers / Vendors to reflect their company’s core values, and many companies have started incentivizing vendors to adopt their value systems, including by offering training and investment in the Third Party.
  • North Korea is using increasingly sophisticated methods to export goods and obfuscate their origin. This highlights the need for companies to truly know the source of all supply chain elements to avoid violating U.S. Sanctions.

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