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March 15, 2019

Heard Around Town: Industry Event – NYC Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference

Event: New York City Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference
Host: Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
Speakers: Caterina Bulgarella, Debra Hennelly, Sean Bamford
15 March 2019

This event brought together professionals from various industries to discuss new trends and challenges around compliance and ethics. Speakers emphasized that a culture of compliance must be spread throughout an organization. The speakers recognized the challenge of ensuring employees act ethically, and provided the following guidance:

  • People are overconfident when it comes to their ethics, and the decision to live ethically does not always translate into the ability to do the right thing in a given situation, especially when employees are under pressure.
  • Employers should take time to get to know their employees and the cultures in which they operate. The more you know about the ethics and compliance program audience the more you can tailor the program to suit your workforce’s needs.
  • Employers are increasingly using employee monitoring tools to ensure compliance with internal policies, but the speakers warned that monitoring should be carried out cautiously.

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