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January 4, 2019

CipherTrace Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Report – Q4 2018 Jan 4, 2019

Crypto crime hit record heights in 2018. Learn how it has changed and why it may get better.

The CipherTrace (RANE Network Expert) Q4 Anti-Money Laundering Report reveals that $1.7USD billion in stolen and exit scammed crypto needs laundering. 3.6 times more cryptocurrency value was stolen during 2018 than in 2017 despite lower prices for individual tokens.

Other key things to learn in the Q4 2018 Report:

  • The Top 10 crypto crime trends
  • Evolution of money laundering from mixing services and crypto-to-crypto exchanges to sanction evaders
  • The impact of AML regulatory changes and global compliance timelines

Download the report here.

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