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January 3, 2022

Cybercrime, Covid, and Cooling Economies: RANE Releases Its Annual Geopolitical Forecast for 2022

Cybercrime, Covid, and Cooling Economies: RANE Releases Its Annual Geopolitical Forecast for 2022

Risk drivers include financially motivated cyberattacks, intensifying U.S.- China competition, and territorial disputes


New York, NY – RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) identifies the core trends and constraints that will shape global developments in the Annual 2022 Geopolitical Forecast.

● Following the prolonged pandemic and an uneven economic recovery, global economic growth will likely slow from 2021.

Iran and the United States will likely reach a limited deal in which Tehran offers some concessions on its nuclear program in exchange for U.S. sanctions or financial relief. Iran and Israel will avoid direct confrontation, but cyber interactions will provoke security threats.

Disputes over the Minsk agreements and Russia’s demands for security guarantees will keep tensions in eastern Ukraine elevated.

A surge of financially motivated cyberattacks as criminals increasingly target 5G, cloud computing, and IoT devices, resulting in more disruptions and cybersecurity requirements in Western countries. Ransomware will continue to grow in frequency and geographic scope as improved U.S. cyber defenses make attacks elsewhere more attractive.

● The fallout from the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan will increase the risk of violence in South Asia. The primary terrorism threat to the West will remain lone actors and small cells, as counterterrorism efforts cause groups to focus on local priorities.

“Every year, RANE analysts assess the risk landscape to provide our members with the geopolitical intelligence they need to address a range of rapidly changing, material threats,” commented RANE CEO Steve Roycroft. “As we enter 2022, RANE’s Annual Geopolitical Forecast provides objective analysis of developing risks while identifying opportunities for risk mitigation.”

Other primary drivers of global risk in 2022 include deepening tension between the US and China, which will affect trade and defense partnerships, and growing Western support for Taiwan, which will deepen cross-Strait tensions.

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