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Heightened geopolitical risk has become the new normal and is now the number one global corporate risk. Uncertainty is
driving economic and social volatility, even in previously stable regions, and a single event or shift in policy can have an outsized impact on your organization.

For more than 20 years, RANE geopolitical analysts have produced objective analysis and forecasts that go beyond the news to enhance your understanding of what happened, why it matters, and what happens next.

RANE Geopolitical Intelligence is setting the new standard with an intuitive design and enhanced tool kit so you can get to the analysis you need quickly.

See Geopolitical Intelligence in Action

Intelligent Integration

Unique, “intelligent integration” that combines the best of our geopolitical analysis.

  • The best of our geopolitical analysis
    including global forecasts, risk scores,
    country risk outlook, and key forecast
    questions that cover a holistic view of
    geopolitical risk including political,
    economic and security issues.

  • An enterprise application built around how risk professionals need to access actionable information.

  • Access to in-house geopolitical analysts for bespoke consultations and briefing sessions.

Intelligent Navigation

Streamlined, fully user-driven experience to easily zero in on what matters to you

  • Simple options to customize the experience around your geographic and thematic interests

  • Themes cover foundational geopolitical categories: politics, economics, security, science and technology, energy

  • Topics filter content around timely issues, such as COVID-19, U.S.-China, etc.

  • Flexible navigation allows you to explore different pathways: by geography, interest, or theme.

  • Visual, map-based navigation to easily explore the countries you care about

  • Advanced filtering by timeframe, interests, preferences

  • Automatically incorporate your Interests so that all relevant content is surfaced for you

Intelligent Discovery

Advanced filtering tools allow for efficient discovery of analysis

  • Navigate our 25-year intelligence repository through enhanced searches by Region, Theme, Country, and/or Interests.

  • Country risk indicators support your country risk assessments and benchmarking

  • Our forward-looking, analytical approach to geopolitical and security risk outlooks, along with a supplemental quantitative measure of a wider set of enterprise risk categories via the Composite Risk Index.

Intelligent Forecasting

Forward-looking, enterprise-level analysis tools enhance ability to understand what happens next

  • Forecasts page provides bulleted highlights from the most recent forecast, access to past forecasts, and quarterly forecast webinars

  • Key Forecast Questions frame the key issues driving geopolitical risk over the next year and show the likelihood of different scenarios at any given point in time

  • Understand the outcome and implications associated with a risk, as well as the assumptions our analysts are using to monitor risk over time.

  • “Trigger Events” are clearly displayed to help you understand the impact of a given event on the trajectory of the risk.

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