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Tactical intelligence and proven expertise to help mitigate security risk and meet duty of care obligations

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RANE helps security professionals meet the challenges of business continuity and resiliency with access to insights and proven expertise to better prepare for and respond to a full range of safety and security issues.

How RANE delivers for security professionals


with actionable information on emerging threats, risk mitigation best practices, and security technologies. We help answer your most pressing questions with shared community insights from the collective experience of our members and best practices from industry peers.


our community complements your own professional network, giving you broader access to relevant expertise in areas outside your traditional role with connections that often prove valuable to others in your organization.


with guidance from our in-house subject matter experts. RANE is your trusted partner and single-source gateway to a global network of pre-screened risk experts and service providers who can help you take action.

Risk Intelligence

  • Risk Intelligence Briefs leverage machine learning technology and trained analyst curation to create actionable intelligence and save you time and effort with a more efficient process for information screening and risk monitoring.

  • Threat Lens is our threat intelligence platform that helps identify, anticipate, measure, and mitigate risks that emerging threats pose to your organization’s people, assets, and interests around the world, including risks to critical infrastructure and supply chain.

Global Security Programs

RANE leverages in-house subject matter experts and a network of pre-screened, world-class experts in security, risk, and crisis management to cost-effectively deliver a range of security risk advisory services:

  • Crisis Management Program

  • Threat/Risk Intelligence Program

  • Workplace Safety Threat Management

  • Active Shooter Training

  • Executive Protection

  • Personnel Safety and Security

  • Event Security Management

  • Travel Security

  • Investigative Services

  • Global Security Strategic Framework, Design, and Integration

  • Site Security Design, Assessment, and Implementation

“The consultative support we have received from RANE has helped us to think strategically about the threats we face and to stay in front of these challenges instead of reacting to them in the rear-view mirror. RANE has been a true thought partner, providing ongoing practical advice and approaches to mitigating risk.”

Head of Global SecurityGlobal Office Space Company

Critical Resources and Insights to Protect Your Most Important Asset - People

RANE Medical & Psychological Capabilities

Medical and psychological issues present companies and their employees with a special set of challenges. Smart organizations put systems and programs in place to deal with such problems long before they actually manifest themselves and become major issues. Addressing these complicated and deeply personal issues requires a mix of medical, managerial, and legal expertise as well as sensitivity, acumen, and assertiveness.


  • Infectious disease, quarantine, distribution of medical resources

  • Mental illness, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, eating and personality disorders

  • Suicide, acts of violence, hostility management, threat notification and emergency drills

  • Hiring practices and background screenings

“RANE was one step ahead in bringing psychological experts to the conversation and has been an incredible partner in helping us think through these issues. We came away with a greater understanding of the situation and can’t express how grateful we are for all of the insight that was shared.”

Client Chief Security Officer

Case Study: Efficiently Implement Risk Management Initiatives


CSO of manufacturing company interested in re-evaluating their physical security measures for locations around the world.


RANE conducted security audits across geographies, including evaluation of travel policies for mobile teams, and assisted in scoping remediation plans.


Ability to tap into world-class expertise to drive project execution and put a comprehensive program in place to protect people and assets.

Case Study: Helping Organizations Operate Internationally


Growing global technology company lacked any formal structure for assessing and mitigating risk for the people and operations in the counties in which they operated.


Threat Lens enabled the firm to pinpoint significant, evolving global events, allowing them to develop a structured, world-class threat and geopolitical risk assessment capability.


The company can now cost-effectively incorporate geopolitical risk into their operations and long- term business planning with capabilities on par to a Fortune 500 company.

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