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Critical support for your compliance program, with insights to help you design or refine your program and tools to benchmark your program against peers

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RANE helps companies navigate new laws and regulations, provides access to the latest intelligence and expertise, and augments existing in-house resources to help compliance professionals take a more proactive approach to risk mitigation.

How RANE delivers for compliance professionals

  • Proprietary data, tools, and support needed for an effective and efficient compliance program and help you establish documentable and defensible standards of care to demonstrate compliance with new DoJ guidelines.

  • Cost-effective access to a global network of experts for help with regulatory readiness, compliance program development and training, and managing third party risk.

  • Network intelligence and risk monitoring geared specifically for the compliance professional, tailored to your industry and your specific company needs.

Risk Intelligence

  • Global Composite Risk Index provides country level scores across 16 risk categories to help you make more informed decisions around assets, people, and capital.

  • Risk monitoring tools to help you stay ahead of key issues with a more efficient process for information screening. Risk Intelligence Briefs leverage machine learning technology and trained analyst curation to create actionable intelligence and save you time and effort.

  • Benchmarking studies and comprehensive audits to ensure that proper policies and procedures are in place and appropriately communicated, tested, and integrated.

Business Intelligence Services

  • Culture Assessments

  • Data Governance + Privacy

  • Compliance Program Assessment + Development

  • Compliance Policies + Procedure Development

  • Virtual Compliance Staffing

  • Transactional Due Diligence + Monitoring

  • Human Capital Due Diligence

  • Third Party Compliance Screening

  • Compliance Training (AML, ethics, anti-harassment)

“RANE was able to help cut through the noise and hone in on the issues we really care about. With RANE extracting and identifying the most important items on an ongoing basis, I feel more informed and better prepared.”

KELLY MONTANAROSenior Compliance Officer, GE Energy Financial Services

Case Study: Risk monitoring tools help improve situational awareness


Compliance unit of global provider of commercial loans and finance solutions looking to improve tracking of high risk entities around the world.


RANE created an “early warning system” to flag global adverse media and material local developments. Leveraged trained risk editors on top of technology to zero in on key items and reduce duplication.


Improved ability to identify, mitigate, and manage issues in real time.

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