Geopolitical Intelligence

Your trusted source for objective analysis of global events and threats

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For over 20 years, organizations have turned to RANE to help them understand and manage geopolitical threats and uncover hidden opportunities. Through a comprehensive platform supported by in-house analysts and an extended network of experts, RANE delivers in-depth analysis and forecasting of global trends to help clients navigate an increasingly complex international environment.

How RANE delivers for strategy and operational risk professionals

Organizations across a range of industries leverage our proven geopolitical capabilities and objective intelligence for:

  • Forecasting the impact of global events on business operations

  • Making more informed decisions when deploying assets, people, and capital

  • Uncovering potential disruptions to business operations

  • Improving global supply chain monitoring

  • Conducting due diligence on investment alternatives and third- party relationships

  • Increasing situational awareness when key employees are traveling

Risk Intelligence


Objective geopolitical intelligence and analysis that reveals the underlying significance and future implications of emerging world events.

Threat Lens

identify, anticipate, measure, and mitigate risks that emerging threats pose to your organization’s people, assets, and interests around the world.

Risk Intelligence Briefs

leverage machine learning technology and trained analyst curation to create actionable intelligence and save you time and effort.

Business Intelligence Services

Geopolitical Risk Assessments

to make more informed decisions with insights into the current operating environment.

  • Analysts conduct business, country, and sector assessments that evaluate political, economic, and security risk factors specific to your business.

  • Use assessments to check on current assumptions, evaluate market entry, exit, or expansion, and assess M&A opportunities.

Forecasts and Scenario Development

to stress test strategic plans by mapping the future operating environment.

  • Analysts develop framework for how geopolitical developments can impact business, identify sources of risk, and spot potential opportunities.

  • Alternative scenarios help companies identify vulnerabilities, develop contingency plans, and better prepare for emerging threats.

Briefing Sessions

Focused discussions on key topics of critical importance to your organization.

  • Custom forecasts and scenario development to identify opportunities
    Analysts contextualize their global, regional, and country forecasts around your industry, target market, and global initiatives to identify sources of risk or opportunity and develop an understanding of how shifting geopolitical dynamics can impact your business.

  • Geopolitical risk assessments for making strategic decisions
    Our analysts provide comprehensive, customized intelligence assessments focused around your business objectives to support new market entry and M&A activities, or identify operational or supply chain vulnerabilities related to political, economic, and security risk factors.

  • Active business support to manage risk
    Ongoing intelligence updates and direct analytical exchanges with our team of geopolitical experts help our clients identify and manage the impact that specific events will have on their business operations and investments.

“Worldview covers things that others don’t. I get expert windows into key events and trends, analytical expertise applied to global happenings. Worldview is indispensable.”

Mark DeweyCEO of

Case Study: Cost-Effectively Assessing Market Entry Risk


Energy client looking for a trusted advisor to apply a geopolitical lens when assessing risk in new markets and to supplement the team’s commercial and technical backgrounds.


A Worldview subscription provided awareness and forecasting of security risks for energy assets and personnel, and regular analyst briefings helped support their market strategy and provided insight into exploration issues.


The organization has scalability through on-demand geopolitical analysts, cost efficiency via access to third-party subject matter expertise, and a more informed strategy that leverages independent perspectives.

Case Study: Informing Both Near- and Long-Term Strategy


Defense contractor looking to reduce uncertainty in forecasting of the global threat environment and identify where defense requirements around the world would overlap with their offerings.


RANE developed short-, mid-, and long-term geopolitical forecasts to anticipate the range of business opportunities from different global security environments.


The client has a strategy based on geopolitical trend forecasts, an assessment of market constraints, and an understanding of the regional conditions for purchasing defense systems.

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