Risk Intelligence Platform

A powerful platform that provides exclusive access to community-driven information, insights, and analysis

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Smart Curation of Critical Risk News & Market Information

  • Actionable insights and best practices from the collective wisdom of our community, curated into digests, interviews, surveys, threat advisories, checklists, and event summaries.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly network intelligence to benchmark your programs, monitor relevant threats, and take a more proactive approach to risk mitigation.

“The field of security has become central to how we manage business risk. RANE provides needed guidance, answers, and help, supporting us in evaluating risks in everything we do. Add them to your team –the payback will be immediate.”

Client Chief Administration Officer

Knowledge-Sharing Events Featuring Experts from Our Network

  • Peer and expert collaboration through exclusive summits, briefing sessions, webinars, and podcasts.

  • Practical perspectives on emerging risk issues from top experts in their fields sharing insights, best practices, and actionable strategies.

Web-based Screening Tools at the Country Level and for a Particular Issue

  • Global Composite Risk Index provides comprehensive risk evaluations of the drivers of individual country risk, covering 195 countries across 16 risk factors that help companies make more fully informed decisions when deploying assets, people, and capital.

  • Risk Diagnostic Tools that enable users to efficiently assess a particular risk, monitor its trendline and key events over time, and map its potential impact on their business.

Worldview Geopolitical Intelligence Solution powered by Stratfor

  • Worldview provides objective geopolitical intelligence and analysis that reveals the underlying significance and future implications of emerging world events. Includes our world-class quarterly, annual, and decade global forecasts, scenario analysis development, and consultations with in-house geopolitical specialists.

Threat Lens

  • Threat Lens is used to identify, anticipate, measure, and mitigate risks that emerging threats pose to your organization’s people, assets, and interests around the world. Includes an interactive security threat dashboard, security threat analysis and forecasts, and consultations with in-house threat analysts and security experts.

“I’m familiar with all the private intelligence services and Stratfor is the best. Worldview is how I start my day.”

James OLSONFormer Chief of CIA Counterintelligence

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